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Hello Anon,

I am sorry I had to rush away before I could say goodbye. I must say that I enjoyed the company of you and your sister very much.

After a conversation with my friend Niall we have a few initial thoughts that you may be able to help us with.

i) We would like to grow Agaricus Blazei here in Ireland for the fresh mushroom market and would be interested in the keeping qualities of this mushroom when fresh?

ii) Also, because of its strong flavour what sort of food is it best eaten with?

iii) Niall is particularly interested in the dried form and would like to know the standard dose eaten on a daily basis

I am sure other questions will spring up later but in the mean time I would like it if Niall and myself could come visit you in the near future and later both you and your sister could come visit us in Ireland at our expense.

Kind Regards

Kieran Hughes

K Hughes & Co Ltd

118 Trewmount Rd


Co. Tyrone

N. Ireland

BT71 7EF

028 87 784298


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Re: Hello

ตั้งหัวข้อ  สมาชิกทั่วไป on Wed Jul 07, 2010 2:30 pm

Dear Kieran,

I was great and so excited to hear from you since our last conversation. Your querries could be explained as follows:
1. As we discussed while we were in Xining that Agaricus blazei could be easily grown at the high temperature including using heater when required but many growers could not proceed with their fresh market approach due to its strong flavour. But the best advantage of this mushroom due to medicinal properties even in small quantity, it could boost 5-6000 % of human immunity in very very short period of time. It is therefore I would repeatedly emphasize that you should grow this mushroom in reasonably quantity for immunity booster rather producing for fresh market
2.As the above reason, this mushroom is not very pretty good for fresh consumption due to its strong flavour, but in small quantity as supplementary food 1-2 gm. would offer better taste and flavour as well
3.If for stage I and II CA patient, 1-2 gm. before meal, 3 times a day could be advisable but if for tage III and IV , one could increase even more. Usually we have never used this mushroom alone, at least 3-4 types including herb for blood cleaning and blood circulation, being added.
Yes you are most welcome to Thailand any time but keep in mind that using mushroom as ingredient for herbal medicine, may not necessarily be a big plant or production but the appropriate technology and selective formulae is the most crucial.

Hope this would help you for some extend
Warmest regards

Prof. Dr. Anon Auetragul


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